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Mobile app developed by Deniz, I develop custom mobile apps. Everybody uses apps nowadays, so as an organization you can't be left behind with developing a mobile application.

Have your mobile app built

Why build a mobile app? Mobile apps are popular! The user has become accustomed to receiving relevant information at any time via the smartphone. This makes the smartphone more than just a means of communication. More and more companies are developing mobile apps to provide the target group with relevant content or to speed up and simplify business processes. 


The smartphone is also a personalization of the user. The user installs apps with which he can identify himself, apps that are frequently used by friends, family and acquaintances. Think of apps of certain brands, newspapers, football clubs and games. I build apps for all platforms: Android, iOS and HTML5.


Building a mobile application is therefore especially interesting for building loyalty, for example by keeping track of points when purchasing via an app instead of the traditional loyalty card. Combining it with iBeacons, for example, makes it possible to send users precise push messages when they are in a specific section of your store.

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Benefits of working with Deniz

All types of companies

Experience with SME, corporates and Governments

Loads of experience

8+ years of experience with the web


Always a tailormade IT Solution

Amongst others I work for

Gemeente Amsterdam
Gobi lab
DHL Parcel
Bandits & Angels

Communicate directly with your target group

In recent years, SMEs have been working on the issue of reaching their target group. This has resulted in a lot of extra work for the entrepreneur, but not infrequently too little turnover. Specifically for these companies, I create Apps with a clear objective: generate turnover by keeping your regular customers informed about promotions, events and other news.

How does Deniz Tezcan work?


Introduction & Research

One of the most important but underrated steps. By listening carefully and gathering information, I can offer the solutions that best suit your company. Face-to-face works best, but via Skype or Hangouts e-Meeting is also fine. Before the interview, I ask you to fill in a questionnaire, so I can understand what your company needs even more quickly. After this I will conduct a short research to check the feasibility of your project.

Kennismaken & onderzoek

Think phase

In this phase, we will consider how to give the user the easiest possible process. Giving the user the information he/she is looking for is the basis of every project. After we've gone through the click paths and wireframes we'll come up with a design. I can make this design (or have it made) or you can provide a design yourself. Next, we will check if everything that is required has been incorporated in the designs in one session.


Development & Testing

It's time to code! This is the technical phase, where all hours of thinking, brainstorming and wireframing will come into its own. In this phase, functionalities are delivered in sprints of about 1 to 2 weeks. These will first be tested by me and then I will ask you to test them again. After an MVP is delivered, we schedule a session to test the entire application together from the very beginning.

Bouw & testen

Go live & Support

The best part. After the test phase, the application is delivered and moved from the test environment to the final location. I'm going to teach you how to use your application and update the content and images. Now we're done, aren't we? No - a software process is never finished. Because the world and technology keeps evolving, the applications have to change along with it. Otherwise you run the risk of your application losing its value.

GO Live & Support