No bullshit

No bullshit guarantee?

I offer the no bullshit guarantee with all my services. Whether it's about creating a simple website, or a complex CRM system, no one is in the mood for "bullshit". As an entrepreneur, you often have to deal with enough nagging from your customers or suppliers. You don't need the IT grumbling at all. Neither do I.


What is it exactly

The no bullshit guarantee is actually very simple. We make clear agreements and do what we have agreed and when we have agreed. To cooperate is to work together. Here I use a number of simple rules.

  1. We make clear agreements. The who, what, and when is agreed here. Together we build your project. You have no time? Then it's hard to move forward.
  2. We keep our agreements. To ensure that the collaboration goes as smoothly as possible, we keep our agreements. Is it really not possible? It happens, but it's just a matter of communicating.
  3. I'll make sure it stays up and running. Is your project ready? I'll make sure the technology keeps working. If there's a bug, or if you make a mistake by changing the content, I'll fix it right away.


Stop working together?

That's unfortunate. We draw up the balance, you only pay for what you got. You get everything that's already been made. Where necessary, transfer with a new party.